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WHS Statistics 2019

Safe Work Australia compiles work-related statistics on fatalities and serious claims involving workers and bystanders at work.

Data is collected from police and other authorities including coroners around Australia. Work-related fatalities resulting from diseases, natural causes and suicides are excluded.

The relevant data gathered between 2003 – 2018 disclosed a peak in 2007 and gradual decline of 62% to date.  In 2018, fatalities by gender involved 8 females and 136 males.  Machinery operators was the highest occupation for fatalities (n=51), managers (n=16) and community & personal service workers (n=4).

Public administration and safety reported 3 fatalities in 2018.

Trends in serious claims (compensated injury or disease resulted in one week or more off work) disclosed a downward trend of 29%.  Serious injury claims by gender involved 39,235 females and 68,100 males.

More in-depth information is available through Safe Work Australia -