Life Members

The Chapter proudly recognises it's Life Members. Our Life Members have been instrumental in the establishment of the Chapter and through their efforts where the Chapter is today. Under the Rules of ASIS International, to achieve Life Membership a member must have been in good standing for at least twenty (20) consecutive years immediately preceding the conferment and has made a notable contribution to ASIS International.

Our Life Members are:

Robert StewartPrincipal founder of the Australian Chapter 081 (now Victoria Australia), and Founder & first chair of the New Zealand Chapter. Robert was also Chair of the International ASIS Exhibition & Conference in Melbourne (1986) which was also attended by the ASIS Int President and ASIS Int Treasurer. Robert is a dedicated member who has devoted a substantial amount of his time in progressing successful Chapter.

Alexander McDonnell - Former Chapter Chair and Secretariat Manager for many years.  Worked  supporting numerous committee initiatives for over twenty years.

Keith Jessup CPP - A former Regional Vice President (then the most senior position outside the USA) for many years.  Associated in managing the ASIS exhibition in Melbourne.  Former Chapter Chair and held most committee positions.

Ron Guymer - A former Regional Vice President (then the most senior position outside the USA). A tireless worker both in Australia & overseas.  Devoted time and money promulgating the Australian Chapter and was directly responsible for bringing the CPP Certification course to Australia.

Gordon Latimer CPP - A member for many years of both the Victoria Australia Chapter and the New Zealand Chapter. Held the position of Secretariat Manager for many years. Responsible for the creation of the Queensland Chapter supported by members.  Held most executive positions over his membership.