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Vic Gov Cyber Strategy 2021

The Victorian Government has launched a boost to its Cyber Strategy 2021. The four-year plan represents a $50 million investment into the cyber sector. Importantly, the program incorporates and accompanies new TAFE programs and a $64 million Digital Jobs Program.

Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson launched Victoria’s Cyber Strategy 2021, a four-year plan and investment of more than $50 million to bolster the state’s cyber security resilience, support local cyber businesses, and develop a more dynamic and competitive cyber sector.  

The Minister stated, “Cyber security has never been more important to our economy – it’s why we’re backing our local cyber industry and securing the state’s services with this multimillion-dollar investment.”

A report released by the Australian Cyber Security Centre last week revealed the significant increase in threats during the past year representing cybercrime attacks against the Australian government, businesses, and citizens.

The Cyber Strategy 2021 was developed in consultation with CyberCX, Victorian businesses and training providers.  It has three primary elements:

1. The safe and reliable delivery of government services

2. A cyber safe place to work, live and learn

3. A vibrant cyber economy.

By 2026, the global cyber market is forecast to grow to $270 billion and Victoria’s cyber industry will reach $4.7 billion. This presents a significant opportunity for Victoria to cultivate local cyber expertise, skills and capability to help boost cyber resilience across the state.

Download the PDF here.

Download the Strategy 2021 Delivery Plans 2021-22 here.