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Update on Victorian Security Industry Advisory Council (VSIAC)

Ensure your views are known and presented as part of our Chapter's commitment to industry development

The Victorian Security Industry Advisory Council was established in April 2005 to:

  • Advise the Minister for Police and Emergency Services on the effectiveness of the regulation of the Victorian private security industry and any need for reform;
  • Provide advice on strategic directions for regulation of the security industry;
  • Provide specific advice as requested by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services in relation to the viability of proposals for reform; and
  • Develop draft policies and procedures relating to the operation of one or more aspects of the private security industry for consideration by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

There are two sub-committees reporting to the Council. They are:

  • The Protective Services Committee which was established to provide expertise on the manpower security; and
  • The Security Electronics Committee which was established to provide expertise on the security electronic equipment and its installation.

The Council meets quarterly and our Chapter has a seat with the responsibility of representing your views and opinions.

Current issues under discussion are:

  • The Harmonisation Program which aims to standardise Master and Individual security licensing nationally. This has been proposed to COAG but, given that security licensing across Australia is covered by various Police and Consumer Affairs agencies, depending on the jurisdiction, remains a challenge for respective State Ministers to resolve;
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for security licensed personnel, focussing on frequency, content and cost;
  • The difficulties experienced with Mutual Recognition due to the inconsistencies between different State/Territory legislation; and
  • Sham sole trading practices in the Security Industry.

As our seat on the Council is to represent the membership of our Chapter there will be an update on Council activity after each meeting on our website. Please feel free to contact the Chapter representatives with comments or matters you would like brought to the attention of the Council or alternatively post your comments on the website.

Chapter Council Representatives:

Eddy Sorokowski – 0487 687 457

Dr Tony Zalewski – 0412 335 317