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Small business cyber security guide released

Cyber security is all about protecting your information and your business from being compromised while online. A Cyber Security Best Practice Guide from the Australian Government has been developed to help busy small business operators understand the risks and how to prevent cyber-attacks.

“Surveys have shown that 87 per cent of small businesses believe antivirus software alone is enough to keep them safe.” 

“Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and small businesses are particularly vulnerable.

 “Online threats are just as real as physical threats. Cyber security needs to be taken seriously, like having locks on your doors and a burglar alarm.”

 Small businesses should be real about the risk they face online and engage trusted outside advisers to help guide their remediation efforts. “Online threats are just as real as physical threats. Taking sensible precautions broadens opportunities and heightens the rewards.

More information the publication is available from the link below: