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Security and safety

Many approaches to security also minimise exposures to “safety-related” risks and hazards. This requires security leaders to have a practical understanding of workplace health and safety and work design.

The generally accepted principles of good work design promoted by Safe Work Australia and the various work safe authorities including Victoria provide:

  1. Healthy and safe work is where hazards and risks are eliminated or minimised so far as is reasonably practicable;
  2. Eliminating or minimising hazards at the source before risks are introduced in the workplace is a very effective way of providing the highest level of protection;
  3. Well-designed work including the physical design of workplaces can minimise the potential risk of harm from hazards;
  4. Good work design should reflect the needs of people including owners, managers, workers and clients;
  5. Every workplace is different so approaches need to be context specific i.e. off-the-shelf solutions or replication of like systems may not be suitable; and
  6. Learn from experts, evidence, and experience.