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Protocols: The Lifeblood of Security Operations

A formal system of security involves protocols typically categorised as policies and procedures. A policy is defined as a formal record of an organisation’s intentions and directions. Policies are typically developed at the highest levels of the organisation.

Procedures are a specified method for the performance of an activity that may be routine or non-routine.

Australian Standard 4421:2011 Guard and patrol security services recommends operating procedures are developed for the effective security of a site that includes consideration for emergency procedures, lines of communication and accountability (p9).

Operating procedures should be endorsed by key stakeholders such as the organisation to which they apply and must be readily available for all relevant personnel.

The Standard also recommends that all operational staff including subcontractors and their employees are familiar with the parameters of relevant operating procedures.

Operating procedures like other formal and documented components of a security system should align with quality management practices such as those outlined within AS/NZS ISO 9000 Quality Management.