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Research identifies traits of ineffective leaders

A 2014 research report from the Australian Institute of Police Management highlighted traits that impact upon effective police management. The lessons learned can be readily attributed to security leaders through 10 commonly identified problem areas.

This 2014 research report highlights an area well known to many security professionals. Poor leadership equates to poor performance and outcomes.  So what are the problem areas identified within the research and how can the modern security leader avoid these pitfalls?  An interesting approach might be to critically determine on a scale of 1 - 3 how you, as a leader  rate.

  1. Generally focus on self over others (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  2. Self confident in all situations (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  3. Generally unwilling to take advice from subordinates (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  4. Micromanage to ensure there are no slipups (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  5. Circumstances determine actions taken every time (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  6. Only do what I have to as a leader (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  7. Avoid looking bad where possible (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  8. Generally unwilling to participate in two-way communication (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  9. Generally don't need empathy for my team (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)
  10. Don't need to have effective relationships with subordinates (1=never : 2=occasionally : 3=always)

Scores: email Dr Tony Zalewski: with your score for each response. Tony will tell you how you went (if you are game)!