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National Terrorism Public Alert System

Recently the Australian Government increased the Terrorism Alert level to HIGH. All security professionals should ensure their key stakeholders and clients are suitably prepared through an increased level of awareness.

The National Terrorism Public Alert System is a range of four levels that communicate an assessed risk of terrorist threat to Australia. The four levels are:

  • low—terrorist attack is not expected
  • medium—terrorist attack could occur
  • high—terrorist attack is likely
  • extreme—terrorist attack is imminent or has occurred.

The National Terrorism Public Alert System guides national preparation and planning. It also dictates levels of precaution and vigilance to minimise the risk of a terrorist incident occurring.

The new “high” threat level categorisation requires an assessment of the following, especially across workplaces where activity is constant or there are mass gatherings:

- all staff including contractors are aware of the increased risk level and measures being implemented at the relevant site

- deployment of additional security resources, particularly on entry/exit points and around perimeters should be considered

- review delivery arrangements from suppliers to minimise risks associated with contraband and unauthorised personnel on site

- compulsory identification of staff, suppliers and visitors at all times

- ensure any central operation centre is suitably resourced and business continuity and/or disaster recovery plan(s) are capable of immediate activation

- heightened vigilance for unattended vehicles in and around properties i.e. formal check at determined times

- review response procedures for suspicious articles being found

- screen all packages, mail deliveries and external deliveries to facilities

- facilitate closer liaison with police and emergency services

- have the necessary systems, plans and processes in place to respond to increased levels of risk or threats

- detect and suitably report security breaches immediately to police and internal security leader

Further information is available on the Australian National Security website -