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National Police Alarm Activation - Response Guideline

The National Emergency Communications Working Group - Australia and New Zealand in consultation with ASIAL has developed a Guideline for national consistency across Australian policing and security organisations in alarm response.

There are now four designated categories for alarm response:

1.  Alarm Category A - Hold up alarm - commercial only

2. Alarm Category B - Multi-sector / Multi-break; Communication Failure; Single Sector Alarms at High Risk Premises; Duress Alarms; Vehicle Tracking Alarms

3. Alarm Category C - Any alarm other than those listed above, such as wireless devices including duress or emergency pendants;

4. Alarm Category D - Multiple Sector Alarms where there is no ready access to the premises; Single Sector Alarms - Non-High Risk Premises; Flashing Blue Lights; Unmonitored Alarms; Vehicle Alarms; Fire Smoke Sensor Alarms;  Medical Alarms and Power Failure/Low Battery Alarms.

Risk assessors and security leaders should understand their respective local premises in providing advice about suitable alarm response requirements.  A copy of the Guide is available through our colleagues at ASIAL.