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Legal Breakfast An Outstanding Success

Having been booked out for weeks, those in attendance were not disappointed and have unanimously supported our new approach to Chapter events.

The presentations provided by Magistrate Mr Jack Vandersteen and Barrister Ms Hayley Bate were well received by all in attendance. One guest stated the quality of the event "was further enhanced by your strict alignment with the time schedule" and another stated "we will ensure our attendance at future events."

Mr Vandersteen provided an overview of the Victorian Court system including case management, the independence of Magistrates within the application of judicial discretion, and decision-making considerations within sentencing.

Ms Bate explained the role of barristers and their specialisation within the Victoria legal system, the emergence of females amongst the profession, and then discussed the topical case of Judy Moran.

The attendances and questions asked by participants disclosed a keen interest across the audience of the legal subject matters presented.

We particularly thank Mr Pascal Engler for his coordination of this successful event and we look forward to our next event on 12 June.  Some photographs of this event will be posted over the weekend.