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Is Private Security really Providing Security to the Private Sector?

Historically the private security sector was thought to safeguard an organisation’s assets, typically within a private enterprise. However it is now argued the sector has extensively diversified across many public, semi-public, community and private entities.

Security is now seen as a broad field that transcends various occupational groupings and specialisations.

The private security sector is now well established in the provision of protective security services for military installations, airports, government buildings, maritime ports, police operations, corrections facilities, prisoner transport, education campuses, critical infrastructure, energy and telecommunications.

So what does this mean to the modern security leader?  It means multi-dimensional competencies are now required that include physical and personnel security, a deeper understanding of legal influences including obligations across workplaces, enhanced ability to research and problem solve, and business development methods.

The Victorian Chapter recommends security leaders consider how best to further develop their competence whether it be in higher education, the vocational training area or through industry Association membership and networking.