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Biometrics – The Future

There have been significant advances in biometric technology with recent reports valuing the global security biometrics market at over AUD$16 billion. Smart phones and tablets are just a small part of sector growth however government purchases still lead the way.

So what do you need to know as a security leader?  The answer is really quite simple, everything!  The field continues to develop, almost on a daily basis say biometrics experts.

Internet security is a good example of innovation in the sector.  In days gone by fingerprint technology was slow, unreliable and costly.  Today terminals can match up to 150,000 fingerprints per second.

Security levels for access systems using fingerprint technology can also combine an enhanced fingerprint algorithm, a new fingerprint sensor and live finger detection technology.

The new wave of technology currently being established is a rapid-time palm vein reader that is unique to individuals.  It is contactless and suitable for workplaces where multiple passes through an area may occur.

Security leaders should ensure they remain aware of these developments as biometrics will continue to lead the way in security accountability.