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Australian Security Medals Foundation Annual Awards

The ASMF have extended the nomination period for our three core awards from 11 September to 31 October and we do not wish your nomination to miss out.

The nomination process is simple (and free). You can nominate as many people as you wish, whom you think fit the criteria. Simply fill out a nominations form for each person you wish to nominate and send it to the ASMF administrator at 

 For more information on the Nomination process, eligibility and to download the Nomination forms go to

 We have three categories for the ASMF awards:

 1. The Australian Security Valour Medal (ASVM) is awarded to recognise security operatives for an outstanding act or acts of valour, which are determined by the Nominations Committee to be action and/or actions demonstrating valour, courage and decisiveness above and beyond ‘the call of duty’.  Every year, security officers around Australia go above and beyond with acts of bravery, putting their lives at risk to save others. These acts often go unrecognised beyond the officer’s company and peers.

2. The Australian Security Medal (ASM) is awarded to recognise the outstanding career and character of the recipient. ASM recipients will be those who have demonstrated a consistent, high-level contribution to the wider community, possibly via innovative non-core business activities and projects, or via extraordinary performance in their professional role(s).

3. The Save a Life Award may be awarded to a person who contributes, through application of first aid skills (e.g. resuscitation, use of defibrillator, stopping severe bleeding) to saving the life of another person. Whilst calling an ambulance or seeking medical assistance can contribute to saving the life, these are not regarded as first aid skills for the purpose of this award.