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ASIS Chairs Meet in Brisbane

The ASIS Victoria Chair Dr Tony Zalewski and ASIS Queensland Chair Mr Bill Harding met in Queensland to discuss issues of similar concern for Australian Chapters.

Whilst in Brisbane presenting at the Brisbane Liquor Accords Conference, Tony met with the Queensland Chair Mr Bill Harding. The discussions were centred on mutually relevant issues of ASIS membership in Australia, website activity, formalising administration systems and moving the Chapters forward with a broader range of communications.

It was resolved that the Chapters would continue with their dialogue to ensure ASIS Chapters in Australia further developed for the benefit of members through a number of strategies. Tony is also going to meet with the ACT Chair on a visit to Canberra later this month.

Tony will report some of the thoughts presented by Mr Harding to the ASIS Victoria Australia Chapter next week at their monthly meeting.