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ASIS Asia-Pacific News Features Vic Chair

Todays Asia-Pacific news featured a front page article by our Chair - Dr Tony Zalewski. The article entitled "Security-Related Themes in Australian Litigation" provides information on the steady growth in civil litigation involving the security sector.

According to Tony, all systems of security are developed to some extent from a risk assessment and a theme that continually arises in litigation is the absence of a solid or basic foundation for the system where injury or damage has occurred.

Formalised systems are essential and security leaders should utilise resources such as AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management and HB167:2006 Security Risk Management when assessing risk and developing systems.

The evolving theme experienced by Tony is that many providers have neither adopted common industry practice nor reasonable expectations of how to develop and maintain an effective system of security. This theme is well recognised across a number of cases where litigation has arisen from incidents.

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