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6 Habits of Highly Effective Security Professionals

Hope is not a plan says our Chair Dr Tony Zalewski. Effective organisational practices are those that have been planned and become the foundation for all work-related activity by the security leader. So what are the 6 habits to which we refer?

1. Prepare for work projects by resourcing properly and maintaining a focus on the particular goals of your work.  Resourcing means you will have everything at your fingertips such as Standards and Guidelines for work.  Focusing avoids time wasting and ensuring you remain on track.

2. Understand the big picture and importantly the essential steps required to achieve your outcome.  Mind-mapping or flow charting can assist in this regard. 

3. Manage information by ensuring relevant emails, diary notes, minutes of meetings and the like are sequentially and methodically maintained.  That way nothing is forgotten.

4. Use technology wisely by gathering necessary images and plans in a consistent format.  Also use Voice Recognition Software to maximise your outputs on the keyboard.

5. Network where possible to ensure you remain current.  Security leaders are more than happy to contribute to existing knowledge and assist where possible.

6. Never stop learning, reading and studying.  Contemporary security practices are constantly evolving, old practices changing and new ideas being developed.  Don't get left behind!