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UK Reports Security Guards at Risk from COVID-19

Thanks to Executive Committee Member Nick Karas for this article at this important time. Security guards, chefs and taxi drivers are among those most likely at risk from COVID-19, according to new figures in the United Kingdom.

In addition to security guards, other sector workers at particular risk include plant processing workers, construction workers and bus drivers.  This is because they are amongst those with the highest coronavirus death rates, according to data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Healthcare workers like doctors and nurses did not have a higher mortality rate compared with others of the same age and sex. But researchers did find people working in social care, including care workers and home carers, had "significantly" higher death rates than the working population as a whole.

For male social care workers in England and Wales, the rate of COVID-19 related deaths is estimated to be 23.4 deaths per 100,000, while for female social care workers the figure is 9.6.

The ONS said the highest rate of deaths was among male security guards (45.7 deaths per 100,000).

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