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Security Strategies for Terrorism

Consultant and author Michael Minieri outlines some basic but critical considerations to think about when establishing an effective security plan against terrorism for any type of facility.

Michael explains the top three terrorist attack strategies are:

  • Small arms attack
  • Pedestrian carrying explosives
  • Vehicle borne explosives

Michael argues two physical security elements often overlooked are:

  • Sacrificial areas. a security checkpoint is located too close to the area being protected. For example, there is no point conducting search and screening activities within the lobby of a hotel one is seeking to protect; and
  • Effective physical barriers such as placement of a vehicle barrier at the point of entry with no protections for the point of exit. This means a vehicle could be driven through an exit point to access a site unimpeded.

As a final note, Michael reinforces the importance of a security management plan, appropriate policies/procedures, a prioritised implementation plan, and compliance auditing in this high risk area of work.