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ASIS Security Professional Assessment Survey

Recently ASIS International conducted a world-wide survey of its members to better understand the profile and information needs of security professionals. A total of 8,690 responses were recorded including some members of the Victorian Chapter. Below is a summary of some findings.

69.4% of the total responses were from employed Security Managers.  9.7% were from the Government or public sector.  20.8% provided security services such as physical, personnel and the like.  In addition, 10.8% were consultants and 5% were educators/trainers. In total 89.5% of responses were from males (9.5% females with 1% preferring not to disclose their gender).

 34.1% had previous military experience serving an average of 13.1 years.  35.1% had policing experience serving an average of 18.4 years.

28.4% did not have tertiary qualifications.  Of the remainder only 2.3% had a doctoral degree.

Major categories of interest were physical and operational security (93.3%), risk management (86.6%), crime (72.4%), professional development (71.6%) and management (69.3%).

A theme that also was apparent is technology.  The majority of respondents were literate in online, social and other electronic forms of media.

A full report will be published later this year by ASIS International.