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Airport Security Increase

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has moved to assure Australians the threat level at airports hasn't changed after announcing a $107 million package for a new highly-trained anti-terrorism squad.

Nine airports will receive additional counter-terror resources including 135 Australian Federal Police officers over the next 18 months.

Based on ASIO advice, the new Protection Operation Response Team (PORT) will be armed with Mk18 Short-Barrel Rifles and body cameras to rapidly detect terrorists, undertake behavioural assessments and scope out the airports.

There will also be more canine teams to detect weapons and explosives.

The average passenger is not expected to undergo any increased screening under the changes.

The $107 million move to strengthen airport security was first announced in this year's federal budget, but more details were unveiled by Mr Morrison on Friday morning.

Over the next six months, the additional AFP presence will be rolled out in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast, followed by Cairns, Adelaide and Darwin Airports in 2021.