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GSX Presentation Well Received

Our Deputy Chair Dr Tony Zalewski presented a paper to a packed audience at the GSX Chicago. In fact, there was little standing room available once the available seating was taken.

The paper by Dr Zalewski entitled "Occupational Violence and Aggression - Preparing Security and Public Safety Staff Through Proactive Measures" was delivered over 75 minutes.

 In addition to Australian data, Dr Zalewski provided detailed information evident across USA and the UK on trends and various approaches by industry, professional sectors and regulators.

 The audience was suitably impressed with this comparative content in demonstrating that OVA is not merely a local problem but one that needs to be addressed across jurisdictions.  This includes the importance that multi-nationals need to assess their situational risks across jurisdictions 

 In discussing the prevalence and predictive factors associated with OVA Dr Zalewski highlighted trends associated with isolation, poor induction, deficient training, risks for younger and inexperienced workers, and informal systems.

According to the Chair of a US Chapter "Dr Zalewski has again ensured the Vic Australia Chapter remains at the forefront as a recognised high standard Chapter amongst its global peers." 

Questions by delegates post-presentation continued well after the cessation time.